As a photographer in a digital world, your business card is your website. For you to be able to showcase your work to the world and reach prospects globally, a website is not an option but a necessity.

It, therefore, follows that a photographer would do well to think carefully about what content and design should go into their portfolio website.

Here are some factors to put into consideration when designing your online portfolio.

  • Choose a design matching your photography

 A website design that matches the work of a photographer is appealing and gives synchronized aura. A travel photographer, for instance, will want a site that exudes the feel of adventure just the same way a wedding photographer will want a site that has the themes of love, elegance, celebration, romance and a party in it.

A photographer specializing in several types of photography will still be well served by having a website that matches his photography. You may have to segment each design to match a particular form of photography you are offering. For instance, if you have a cat website, you might want to consider choosing cat pictures!

Photography Website Design Practices

  • Simplicity is best

The primary objective of your website is to showcase your work and make it easy for prospects to contact you. Your web design should strongly support this goal.

A simplified web lay out design allows your work to stand out and also makes it easy for visitors to navigate through your website. An uncluttered, intuitive site presents your work professionally and concisely. This allows your work to be experienced better through a simple click of the button.

  • Don’t forget SEO

Search Engine Optimization determines your online portfolio ranks in search results. This ranking directly affects the number of visitors that hit your site. As much as there are many moving components to SEO, there are a few key things you can do to improve your site ranking;

ü Name your photos by using good descriptions and keywords that describe your photos ü Add a blog to your portfolio website. By regularly posting quality content about your photography, more people will be attracted to linking back to your site and improving your ranking

  • Include social media

In today's marketing landscape, a website is mandatory, but it needs to be complemented by other social media platforms. Being on social media makes it all the more easy to contact you and also means that your work and online portfolio is accessible to a wider and younger demographic. Social media cannot substitute the function of your website, and neither is that the aim. Your website can continue to be where all your work and online portfolio is displayed while using platforms like Instagram for personal shots.

  • Follow trends in technology and web design

The definition and idea of what is perceived as good design always change from time to time. As such it is important to keep tabs on the changing trends in the industry so that you can regularly update your website and online portfolio with designs and aesthetics that are on current demand. This helps you to stay relevant through the many changes that the industry is bound to undergo over time.

Another good reason that might prompt changes to web design is technology. Smart phones and tablets have altered the way people access your website, and many more technological advancements are on the way.


If your site is not responsive to new technology like smart phones, then it means you're missing out on showcasing your work to a huge segment of internet users. It is no longer enough to be a talented photographer. You need to be a savvy one as well.

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