We might need images for a myriad of reasons; attaching it as a featured image on our blog, for putting on a flyer or for a making a brochure; whatever the purpose may be, you need to ensure you used an image which has no copy right on it. if you use an image which is copy right protected and is not intended for anyone else’s reuse, you could land yourself in legal trouble!

So how do you make sure that you do not get in trouble with the law? That is easy. You can use images which are intended for reuse with or without modification.

A lot of people assume that it will take too much time to find the images on special sites and what not. However, you can find free photos on Google Images as well! Finding images for commercial use on Google only requires that you follow a few steps.

  1. Search for the Image you Want

The first thing you have to do is search for the image that you want.  Once you have the Google Image results for those, you need to move on to the next step.

  1. Tools

Once you have done that, you will see an option under the search bar, that’s says Tools. It will be the last option in the row. Press that and look for the options which says ‘Usage Rights’. Press on the option for usage rights.

  1. Choose Option

There will be a drop down menu once you click on the tab which says Usage Rights. Choose the option which best suits you; either ‘labeled for reuse’ or ‘labeled for reuse with modification’. If you want to use an image as it, then you can choose ‘labeled for reuse’ but if you want to edit the image before you use it then choose the ‘labeled for reuse with modification’ option.

  1. Press Enter

Once you have chosen your option and the search runs again, you can choose the image you want! Search the images till you find what you want.

There you have it folks, that is how you get images for commercial use easily from Google. Most of the images are free stock photos that you can use for your work! You do not need to visit dozens of photography websites in search of images; you can just as easily use Google!